Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Hoosier

Here is a photo of the Hoosier I found in the summer of 2005. I had looked for one for about 25 years. I have not used it to make a pie crust on as of yet. But it holds some of my kitchen goods. The doggie cookie jar on the top is from my grandmother, Verla. I had loved it as a child and I asked her if I could inherit it, so she left it to me. The three large old general store pickle jars hold some of my cookie cutter collection.
I love stoneware I collect them and use the ones that have no lead in them, which is the reproduction ones. But the old ones are near and dear to me. Even though I am not the most creative person in the kitchen I love old and new kitchen gadgets. Maybe I am hoping I will be a good cook someday! My creativity is in my studio making things and decorating. I guess I can't do it all!
You can see some of my aprons hanging to the left of the hoosier. The green one and the flamingo one I made over the last few years. I also collect them. I learned to sew as a child from my mother and took home economics in high school which I am glad for. Sewing has been a thread through my whole life...little pun on words there...
The cross-stitch to the right of the hoosier with the mammy on it says "Hospitality served here," and across the bottom "You all come back."
I made this about 20 years ago and still love it today. I have a collection of mammy things, but have put many of them away for a time.
The log cabin quilt you can see on the metal chair is made of wools and silks and is about 100 years old. I actually got it in blocks and made it into a quilt. The metal chair is one that was my mother's and my husband Tim stipped it down to the metal. I did not want any paint on it. It kinda has a brushed metal look. So glad to have things that were my mother's and grandmother's. I feel honored to be the caregiver of them and to live with them everyday.
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