Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Apron Queen Crown in Where Women Create

A few weeks ago I bought the premiere issue of Where Women Create magazine. While sitting in my comfy old granny chair I was casually looking through the magazine and noticed one of my crowns on page 34. Boy was I surprised. I had no idea it was going to be in there. MaryJane had bought it at a small antique store in Spokane.
So I am pleased to see what one of my creations in print...sadly my name is not attached to it. I wished I had been mentioned as the creator, especially since there three places where it is in the magazine. So the world knows...I am Pamela Thoms, crown creator.
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EllynAnne said...

Oh, to not receive even a smidgen of credit for your unique and lovely creation is very disappointing. I'd love to give you a bit of shout out. Please have someone take a photo you and your Apron Queen Crown and post it over on my facebook group, Tie One On, AND visit my website and submit the picture and its story to "Tell Your Apron and Linen Story."