Sunday, February 22, 2009

Peddle Pusher Pam... in my grandma, Verla's front yard in Chico, California when I ws about 2 1/2. Things have not changed much...I still have pale white skin, a double chin (especially since I am getting older), and like picture books. The book is Little Golden Book called "Prayers."
I have very good memories of this house. The best one is of my mom taking our family laundry over here to grandma's house to use her wringer washing machine which was out on the back porch. Grandma and mom would do the laundry together, one pulling the clothes threw the wringer and one hanging them on the clothes line. There were blackberries growing along he back fence and trying to avoid the stickers on them, I would try to pick and eat them while the ladies did laundry.
That back porch was all wood and in my memory it seemed a bit rickedy, yet so wonderful! I wish I could go back and see it how it was then as I am now. The last time I was in the area my mom and tried to find this exact house, but she was unsure if we found the right one as things have changed in 50+ years. But the memory is as clear as day for me. I still love wringer washers and own two of them!
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