Friday, January 12, 2007

Dream on...

This lovely Dream sign is a Wendy Addison piece. made of glass favorite medium. The tin types that grace each end are not family members of mine, but lovely just the same. The one on the right is a beautiful lady in her lacy gown. Not sure of the age, but appears to be the Civil War era.
Behind the Dream sign are my Witt grandparents, Archie and O'Delphia around the time of their marriage, abt 1930.
To the left is my beautiful mother. Look at that dimple. What a babe!
The photo to the left, partially hidden is of me and my children on my wedding day, 1995.
The tree topper in the center has bells hanging off of it with wire and glittery do dahs. It is probably from the 1920's. This was a yard sale find a few years ago. I took this photo using the museum mode on my camera and think it looks warm, while sparkly! Yummy! Posted by Picasa

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Beautiful pictures!