Friday, January 12, 2007

More mantel treasures

Here is a photo of myself with Tim and my children just before we were married 11 years ago. The baby picture of Noah, my grandson.
The little photo is nobody I know, but the clothes the couple are wearing are beautiful. This I found at a flea market this past weekend.
To the right is one of my creations. A cardboard hat box that was bright colored and not my taste. So I covered it with vintage sheet music, made the tube on the top, added the folded paper shape on top and the sides, the glass glitter star, and an old photo of my grandparents on the front. Then tinsel added. Sounds simple, but it was an all day project. A fun one though! I like to incorporate my family photos in my projects as much as I can.
The sheet music box to the left is a Bethany Lowe piece. I like to collect her designs. Posted by Picasa

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