Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wire...Everyday Things, great book

This magnificient book was on my doorstep when I got home today after a day thrift shopping. Yeah! I first saw it in our local library a few years ago. I checked it out a couple of times because I enjoyed it so much. Decided I could not live without it and finally got around to locating it to buy for myself. I actually had it listed on "Want it now" on ebay...but never got any responses. My guess is that once you own it you won't want to sell it! So I had to bite the bullet and pay full price for it, plus shipping. I found it on the Alibris site, a place for out of print or hard to find books.
If you like industrial and useful things made of wire then you would probably enjoy this book. The authors are Slesin, Rozensztroch, Menard, Cliff, and De Chabaneix.
The book includes everything from primtive to fanciful and useful to decorative everyday things.
I stood it up on one of my antique ice cream parlour chairs for this picture. If you like wire...then I recommend this book.
Things I found at the thrift shops: vintage Christmas tins, a bag of oriental wind chimes (with little bells that I will take off to craft with), holly transfers, two unusual shaped jars for my studio, two glass hurricane lanterns (but as it turns out they are not the size I needed, so I'll find another use for them). Posted by Picasa

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