Tuesday, June 05, 2007

MaryJane Butters Speaker

Well, you can add public speaking to the list of MaryJane Butters talents. She was in Auntie's Book Store in Spokane, WA. tonight to give a talk and sign books. She was warm, down to earth, and interesting. She fielded questions from the audience and gave advice to those who asked her for it. She spoke about an hour. Boy, did that fly by...I could have sat there for another one at least.
She was so kind to mention me by name as someone she knew in the audience...I was so pleased with this. Don't we all like to be made to feel special? Well, she did! Thanks MaryJane.
She looked lovely, put together, professional...and wore great boots. My friend, Karen, loved her handbag.
It was a fun evening and we were both glad we went !
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