Saturday, June 30, 2007

Me and Smokey

I have not posted since arriving in Alaska and likely will not be able to again for a couple of weeks until I get home. I am at my daughter's house and their Internet has limits on downloads, which means I should not post photos unless I want to run her bill up. I may put in a few words, but I know this is boring. So if I do, I do, if not, well then it will be when I am home again before posting. Then I will tell of the tales of Alaska.
In this picture I am posing with the grandchildren and Smokey the Bear at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks. It was Fairbanks Days there at the theme park. This park has log cabins and old homes and business from the turn of the century brought in from the area and set up on one street. So of course this piqued my interest. I took lots of photos. Some of these were set up as they had been in the old days, some had been made into little business selling local art and souvenirs.
There is an old ferry set up there with tours, a train that runs around the park giving folks rides, a carousel, mining exhibit, cultural art building, and more.
I am keeping this short. My sleep is messed up because of the midnight never gets dark here! SO I am off to get to shut eye! Please check in a few days or a couple of weeks.
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