Friday, June 08, 2007

Treasures from the Grave...

Sounds kinda spooky, huh? These things came in the mail today, sent by my sweet sister-in-law, Martha. These items were in my father's belongings and they are believed to have been my grandmother's. Her name was O'Delphia and she passed away several years ago. I am sure she crocheted the table runner as she did alot of table cloths like this. I did not get one of them, but now I have this table runner to enjoy. The little box has some jewelry pieces in it and I do remember her wearing these. The journal has nothing written in it, but it is a neat old one. The fan has flowers on it, with some really soft tassles hanging off of the end.
I am always so thrilled to get 'pieces of the past' especially if they had belonged to my ancestors.
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GardenGoose said...

how very nice. perhaps you can add copies of photos that you know are of the ancestor to whom the journal belonged to..into the journal and write what you yourself remember about the person..just a thought.
very nice treasures.always so nice to have a link to someone we knew.