Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Candlelight on the Fireplace

Here is a view of the three candle set from Walgreen's. The old clock belonged to Tim's grandparents and was gracioulsy handed down to us by his mother a few months ago. We love it! The lamp with white shade was passed down to me from my father a few years ago. It had been his father's and his father's before him. My grandfather used to do his school work by the light of it. His mother sewed and mended clothing by the light of it. Somewhere along the lines they electrified it for modern use. The bell shaped item sitting on the old books to the right was a curious item I picked up at an antique sale a few months ago. Since I am a bell admirer I had to have it...not really sure what it is...but it fits in with my home beautifully. This view speaks of a softer, more harmonious Christmas of days gone by...don't you think?
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Nancy Jo said...

Hi Pam,
I was looking back at some of my older posts and saw your name and thought I would stop over.
I have a clock like the one in your picture, its a Family pass down.
Have a Merry Christmas.
Nancy Jo