Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oil Can Lid Bells

I bought these darling bells a few years back at a yard sale. I did not know at that time what they were made of...but I love bells, so it did not matter. They have a very nice jingle to them. I did get a better look at them when I got home and realized they are made from tin can lids...how clever. Recently some older craft magazines came into the thrift store and I found the instructions for making these in one of the issues. They are called "Oil Can Porch Bells." But I say they are Christmas bells. So I have asked my sweet hubby to help me make some...I think this may be a project for us when the grandchildren get here this weekend. The grandkids love to be in Papa's shop helping him make things.
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Ann Griissman said...

I have a friend who's been searching for a pattern on how to make your lovely bells. Would you be willing to share the pattern, Please? :-) Pretty Please? ;-)

Homestead Mercantile said...

Oh, if I only knew where the pattern was now. I bet you could figure it out, just do some bending on the lids.
I am working on getting my studio set up and stuff is everywhere, still. Sorry I could not be of more help.