Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mama and three of her babies

Brennah, 26 (almost 27), Tyler, (almost 30), Pamela (old enough), Sarah, 31. Zach, 25, moved to California this past summer and could not get back for Christmas...this was very sad for me.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela! It's me Valerie from freecycle. I pop into your blog weekly to see what new goodies you've posted. I just had to comment this time about how beautiful your family is and how incredibly blessed you are. I sure enjoy looking at your photos and peeking at your vintage treasures and the way you decorate with them. Happy New Year. :) Valerie

Homestead Mercantile said...

Thanks, Valerie. So glad you are stopping by...although I have not been good over the last few months about posting...facebook seems to take much of my on line time...but I will try to be better. Thanks also for posting, I never know who or how many are reading it, so it is nice to know who is.
Happy New Year to you!