Thursday, January 31, 2008

Exodus Study

My Bible, study notes, coffee, water, pens, now I am set!
I survived my ladies weekly study yesterday. Normally it would not be an issue, but I had to fill in for a lady in our church who is considered a Bible Great! NO small task...but she asked me and I said okay. Anyone who knows me well, knows I have taught craft classes for years. This I can do in my sleep, or blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back. But teaching a group of ladies a chapter in Exodus I never before attempted. But much to my surpirse it went great. I think the ladies enjoyed it. We even went way over time. They were all troopers for coming out in the weather we have been having...snow and more snow. But I am glad it is behind me.

I am taking the month of February to get caught up on some stuff around my Home Sweet Home. I started off today with cleaning out my pantry. Since I now have a garage I moved some of the things I don't use often out there...this freed up room for-of all things-FOOD. So now you can see at a glance what is there is to eat. Love that. Previously I got frustrated when I had to dig through cans to find that can of green bean I know I had left.

I shall take a pic of it and post, me thinks!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, Fun! I wish I could have been there to hear you teach. :D