Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Neptune & Little Snowman

My daughter made this little snowman in the yard and brought it up to the back porch. He proudly sits on an old chair. The 'buttons' are chocolate chips, the 'nose' is an almond, pine needles are the arms. This is her dog, Neptune, he is not sure what to think of this little guy, but he did find joy in a chcolate chip that had fallen on the porch and scarfed it up.
I had been saying it is sad that our grandchildren are not around to build a snowman as we had in the past. So I guess Brennah felt sorry for us and made this little guy. The snow is piling up and making it a bit more difficult to get around, but I do so appreciate God's beauty and will not complain. I do need to get a different pair of boots, though. Mine are leather and they have to be laced up...they are a big pain when I get ready to go anywhere. I had another pair, but can't seem to find them. I think they were a tad tight on my feet so I gave them away.
Thank you Jesus, for the beauty you surround us with.
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Priscilla said...

I love this photo! The little snow man is so cute and your dog looks very interested! I love nature and wish we experienced snow here in the uk a bit more, thank you for sharing this amazing little guy.....

Priscilla x