Friday, January 11, 2008

Ironing-A Favorite Domestic Duty

This is my own hand ironing one of my blouses yesterday. I usually let the ironing pile up (well, I actually hang them up in laundry area)and do it all at once. My husband wears button up cotton shirts and sometimes they need ironing. Now, I do enjoy ironing for the most part, but there are times when I need to iron, yet I let other things take a priority over it. So I have gotten better about how I pick out the shirts I buy for him, searching for the permanent press. This way when he needs a shirt I never have to think, "Oh, do I need to iron for him before he can leave for work?" Since I do the laundry reguraly there are always clean permanent press shirts in the closet. He is hard on them with the type of work he does, which is home improvements. We deal with dry wall mud, paint, tears, oil stains, etc. So when the stores come out in the spring with those plaid, short-sleeved, permanent press shirts in a variety of colors, I buy several. He likes short sleeves even in the winter, so he can move freely, wearing a henly underneath for warmth.
Anyhow, it was not easy to shoot the picture above, as the button on my camera is on the right hand side, which is my ironing hand, making it was hard to reach over to push the button without getting my left hand in front of the lens. But I did it. I realize this is not a great inspiring photo...but part of my reason for keeping this blog was to document my own life for future generations. So there you have it. BTW, the shirt I am ironing in the photo is a favorite. It has tucks down the front and looks old fashioned to me. If it was more doable I would wear old fashioned clothes everyday. Maybe I will brooch this topic on another day.
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