Thursday, January 31, 2008

Open pantry

Doesn't this look organized? I even have room for more...which is a big switch from this AM. I could not find anything in here.
I like to keep a well stocked pantry, so I do what I can to keep it full of canned goods. Just in case we have the storm where we cannot get out. We have had some pretty big snows, but since we live in town we get our street plowed once in awhile. As for the driveway...dear hubby gets that honor. He is good about it and works up quite a sweat in the process.
Well, the pantry is just one of many things I am working on organizing this month. It feels pretty good.
Okay, my pasta is done cookin' so I must go and eat some dinner...yeah, I found the noodles to cook. Yes!
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GardenGoose said...

your panry looks well stocked and organized. well done!
would like to invite you over to my blog to join in my latest drawing. hope you'll join in the fun.