Thursday, April 10, 2008

A child in the house again..well sorta

This little girl is so easy to care for...she never cries, nor does she need diaper changes. She is one of my church thrift shop finds, as is the high chair. The dress with hand made lace was purchased at Spencer's Antique Mall in Spokane, Washington. The poor little girl has really bad hair...every day. It may have been cut at some point, but the hair barely covers the implant holes. So the front may have worn off, but the rest I am not sure about. I have seen these dolls before and it seems to me they have had short hair, so I think they may have come out when cutting of the hair became popular in the 1920's. All is speculation.
I do know that I like having a child in the house again. I do not have a name for her yet...but in the olden days it sometimes took up to a year to name a child. Weird, huh? So I figure I have time to find the perfect name...but it will likely be a family belonging to one of my ancestors.
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