Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Will You Accept This Rose?

Okay, I know it is dumb, but I kinda like "The Bachelor" television show. My family laughs at me...but I watch it anyway...there are parts that I do not care when at the end they give the Bachelor the chance to spend the night with his final bachelorettes. Totally not you are not gonna love someone because of how they might or might not be in bed! Stupid, stupid, stupid. hubby is puttering in the kitchen while listening in to my daughter giving me a bad time about watching this 'dumb' show. Then he comes walking into the living room and says to me "Will you please accept this rose?" In his hand is this head of lettuce with part of a tomato sittin' on the top! Funny guy...we got a good laugh out of that one. This guy keeps me laughing...a good reason to love a man. My camera was right there, so I snapped a photo.
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