Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cousin Pauline's dollie

This photo is of my ancestors, seated: My great grandfather William Allison Witt and his wife Julia Holmes Witt, standing between them is their granddaughter, Pauline. The back row is my great uncle Arthur and my grandfather Archie.
I post this picture to show the doll that Pauline is holding. In the posts below you will see a doll that looks very similar to her. When I first saw the doll in the thrift shop there was something about her that seemed familiar to me. One day after bringing her home it dawned on me was because of the doll in the picture. I had looked at this picture many times over the years. So when I saw the doll in the thrift shop it was like I had seen her before. I hope this is making sense.
Anyway, the doll (below) made me feel closer to my family because is looks like the one in this photo. I need to do some research on her to find out who made this doll and what year she was born.
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Tracy said...

Very neat story about the doll....
I have the first doll my step grandmother (Helen) every got, my step grandmother passed away a few years ago and my grandfather gave me the doll, I'm so proud of her...reminds me alot of Helen.
I have a story and picture of my doll on my blog page.