Thursday, February 07, 2008

Going Green

For a few months now I have been carrying my own cloth bags into the grocery store (well, when I remember to take them). Then today when I went to Super 1's 8am to 8pm sale-they had these bags stacked up at the check out. So I asked about them and they were only .25 today. So I bought 12 of them, figuring when I do a major shopping I usually use about 12 bags. The price goes up to a $1.00 tomorrow, or so the cashier told me. So being the bargain shopper that I am I got them today. The nice thing about these bags are that they have a piece of cardboard in the bottom and they stand up. My other cloth bags are hard to load with groceries because they are limp and you have to hold them open and load at the same time. It usually frustrates me by the time I have them full of food.
So these will stay in my SUV and I will always be ready for shopping.
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