Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sacred Harp Singing in Seattle

I had a new experience this past weekend. I went to my first Sacred Harp Singing. This style of singing is not to preform, but for the enjoyment of the singers themselves. The tradition goes back to the beginnings of our country and the need for people to learn to sing harmonies. Why? Well there were no or little instuments. So songs were written in part for people to sing. I have been to alot of singing events in my life, but nothing like this. The sound is heavenly, litterly. If you can stand in the middle where you can see the leader of this song is, you can get the full experience of the sound. So, I am hooked! It is AMAZING!!!
I will be making more trips to these singings, as they are all over the US and Europe. They are predominate in the south. If you have a chance check it out at:
It is also called Shape note singings or fasola.
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