Saturday, March 15, 2008

Family at the fights

Here is my husband, Tim, with me and my oldest son, Tyler, at the cage fighting event to support Zach last night. I was unsure about going to this event, as I do not like to be around drinking or people who are...they just get too crazy for me. But it was fine. The security kept a very tight rein on that place and anyone who got the least little bit out of line was kicked out. So I felt safe and was not bothered by anyone. Plus I was there with my hubby and son to protect me. The next time I go I am going to take tracks and hand them out to people. I wanted to last night, but did not have any ready. I would love to share the love of Jesus with the these folks. I heard the f bomb enough to last me about ten lifetimes, but I can only pray for the ones who feel the need to express themselves in this way. Can you see me...the mom of The Warrior...handing out tracks sharing the love of Jesus at cage events? Whatever it takes and where ever God calls...there I will go!
I was able to see some of Zach's old school mates there and catch up with them. That was nice. My kid has quite a following! And, now more people for me to remember in prayer. More people who need Jesus...pre-Christians, as I like to say.
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