Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Smokey The Bear

This cute and cuddly Smokey Bear has been mine since I was about 6 months old. My parents took me with them to the Butte County Fair in Chico, California in the summer of 1954 and this is where we got him. There was a booth set up by the National Forestry Dept. and they were giving away these Smokey's. My grandparents went with us and they got one too. Their's was played with by my cousins when they were at my grandparents house. So over the years Grandma's Smokey got pretty tattered. Mine, however, is in good shape, albeit his belt is broken loose on one side. So this bear is about 54 years old! He is now considered a collectible.
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Steve and Lorraine said...

Hey Pam - finally got my blog up and running - will phase out my type-pad, but wanted to get one going for family and friends. You've got so much going on, don't know how you do it. The only thing I have around that's near the age of your bear, is my skin! I'll be 50 this year...

Priscilla said...

Smokey looks in such good condition, and what a cute bear! I have a little pink bean elephant the nurses gave me as a baby in hospital as a gift to me and my family, I still have it and treasure it also, thanks for sharing

Priscilla x