Monday, March 03, 2008

Lovely new draperies...well sorta

These heavy duty draperies are new to me. I got them at my local thrift shop for $1.99 per panel.
So this made it only $3.99 to cover the bedroom window. They are a soft, dark gold with a slight pattern.
They are a soft brushed upholstery fabric that looks very Victorian.
Here they are displaying the tie backs that came with them.
This is actually a new window as well. But when we had the tree fall on the house
last winter, things in this room never got the remaining repairs done.
So the window is now in and I was able to put up a curtain. Yippee!
I am so glad to have this done! Now for remaining repairs to get finished.
But who knows when it will be, this is the way it is when you are married to
a home improvement are the last to get things done around your house.
Since they have done it for everyone else, they are tired of working on houses and
so things get let go alot. But he is a good husband, so I will just be glad for that and thank God for him
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Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! I know what you mean. I'm going on month six of my shower being tiled in. I'm married to the tile guy!