Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ellison Die Cut Machine

I bought this beauty about 10 years ago when I opened a little scrapbook store in the basement of my home. It is about 20" long and 16" wide. It takes up a good amount of space on my counter, but it is a great tool to own. The dies I have are the alphabet in upper and lower case, numbers 0 to 9, and other miscellanous shapes. I had always intended to add to my collection of dies, but that never happened. The dies are held in two shelves about 5' tall and each about 6" wide. The shelves were found at a used furniture store.
It was not too long after I opened my little store that Michael's Craft Store and two other scrapbook stores came to our area. I could not compete with them, so I no longer have my scrapbook store. I still have lots of supplies, though. This machine has been used for many projects so even though it was not really used much in my scrapbook store.
So anyway, this machine is what I used to cut out the letters of my children and grandchildren's names as seen in previous posts.
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Judy said...

Do you still have this die cut machine? If so, how much would you like for it? Thanks! Judy

Melissa said...

I'm looking for a die cut machine!!!!
Are you looking to sale? I'd be very interested!!

Homestead Mercantile said...

Ha, When Facebook and Twitter came along I pretty much abandoned my blog...but have been thinking about working on it again. I am not selling my die cut machine. And since this posting many newer, more modern machines are out there. With a lot less cost involved in the dies.
I did not even get around to publishing these posts from people. So they are today, being published. LOL. Oh silly me.