Thursday, December 20, 2007

PEACE, HOPE, JOY Christmas tins

Aren't these oh so cute? I did mention them in a post a few days ago. But this time I did buy them. So here they are at home in my studio. Oh, and the red checkered fabric under them is from Joanne's. I had been to a quaint little primitive shop in our area one day and they had these sweet little kitchen towels. But I did not want to pay $6.00 for one. Then when I went to Joanne's I saw these pieces of fabric in the $.99 fat quarter bin. They may not be the exact fabric but close enough for me. So I got five pieces of fabric for less than the price of one towel from the cute little primitive store. I do still need to hem these, but that is no sweat, should take me about 10 minutes for all. I love finding a bargain.
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