Thursday, December 20, 2007

More goods I found for The Mercantile

I use the term The Mercantile loosely. I still have my dream of setting up my studio as an old fashioned Mercantile. So I am always finding treasures to decorate it. It may never happen, but I have to dream, so I do. But these goods and ones like them will be what I have in my Mercantile. Maybe selling some from time to time, but mostly to decorate.
My desire is to have a delightful place where ladies can gather to have bible studies, quilting bees, scrapbook, embroider, visit, create, take classes and more. I will have a wood stove keeping everyone warm. There will be supplies for creating, coffee and tea to warm ladies, good music or old fashioned movies playing, healthy treats for nourishment all there. But God knows my heart and I will do this to honor Him. I about drive my husband crazy talking about this dream of mine.
Anyway, the red and green baskets are from Walgreen's. They have tins in the same pattern. The lollipops from that $1.00 section in Target.
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Angela Gifford said...

hmm...I'm going to be praying about that dream of yours. Sounds like a place I'd like to hang out!