Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Butcher Block Table

This butcher block table was made about 25 years ago by my first husband and the birth father of my four children. He was indeed a talented craftsman and self taught. It sits at one end of my kitchen. I have it laden with treasures, so it is not much good for rolling out pie crusts or other such domestic deeds.
On top of this large wood table sits jars of cookie cutters (part of my collection), a jar of ice cream scoops, other jars with miscellanous antique or vintage kitchen untensils, antique candle mold, Amish wood oval box, antique wood bowl, wood box with carrying handle for paper and pens for taking message on the telephone. The large green milkshake machine is from the 1930's. It came out of a Soda Shop in Montana. It works great. I had wanted one of these because I had good memories of my parents using one in a church camp burger joint called the "Chat 'n' Chew" near Mt. Lassen, California. I may go into this more at a later time. On top of the milkshake maker is a green cake plate and cover. Got this at the Farm Chicks Show a few years back. It does not normally sit there, but I had moved things around in the kitchen and had no other place to put it. So there it sits for now. I love to collect kitchen things, but do not have a big enough space for it all. Much of it is stored away in boxes.
On the bottom shelf rests old picnic baskets, an old wood barrel, cream enamelware bucket with green trim, apple basket, old huckleberry picker, old cookie cutters, two oak sewing machine drawers, and a wood storage bucket.
Thanks for looking...let me know what you think!
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