Sunday, August 19, 2007

On top of a cabinet

After I took this I reasized I needed to dust! Oh well, this is the way it was, so be it. The wood cabinet was made by first hubby about 25 years ago.
I love the green glass salt and pepper shakers. The old photos are of family members. The one on the left has my grandfather in a school class. His family was dirt poor and you can tell this when you look at the picture. He is the only one with ragged clothes on and even has a dirty face...oh that is so sad. Maybe he was just a dirty my oldest daughter was. I tell ya' she could go outside for ten minutes and come back with dirt all over her, my son, having gone outside to play as well would not have a spot of dirt on him.
Anyway, this old picture is so near and dear to me. This is only one of two of his childhood that I know to exist. I wish I knew what school it was I would post a pic of it on a Classmates forum and see who might recognize the kids.
I do have a crock with colored pencils in it behind the pic...I keep it here for the grandkids to use to color with when they are here. Although they live so far away now, that those visits are few and far between.
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