Sunday, August 19, 2007

View from the kitchen table

When I sit at our kitchen table there is no window to look out of. So I decorated the wall with lots of old things that I treasure.
The bottom left corner has a cross stitch I did years is of a Mammy holding a bowl and it says, " Hospitality serve here...Ya' all come back." If I had it to do now I would use a much smaller linen, dyed to look old. I could take it out of the frame and teas dye it, I guess. Oh, one of these days I will just get a bug in my bonnet and do that!
There are various prints of Jesus, ladies, fruit and an old embroidered house up in the top right corner. Then there are plates of varying types. They can be works of art in their own right. The long mirror is to help see what is going on around the corner, although it is really too high to see much. We used to have three mirrors here and you could see if the kids were standing at the top of the stairs or walking in from the stairs. No need for that now, as they are all grown.
The fan you can see on the table is an old one and I use it when it gets too hot in the kitchen. You can see part of a log cabin quilt over the back of a is made of very old fabrics.
This wall is between my Hoosier and a china hutch and behind the kitchen table. It is pretty cramped in this area of the kitchen. As I have said before I have way more kitchen 'stuff' than I have room for...but still love to collect it.
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