Monday, August 27, 2007

Vintage sewing goodies

These are the goodies I bought this weekend at the Buggy Barn Show, from some of the vendors there.
Included are some wood letters that spell SEW, my initials, my daughters initials, Corset cording, Singer
sewing tool, box of mini thread, package of gold curtain hoops, black trim on roll, optomitists lens. These
will all find a home in my studio. I will do some kind of altered art in the lens and wear it as a necklace.
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oak wind farm said...

Very cute stuff! I just found your blog by looking at another blog. I am enjoying exploring it and have added it to my favs.
Please feel free to visit mine anytime.
Have a blessed day!
Carolyn @ Oak Wind Fmrm

Homestead Mercantile said...

Thanks for adding me to you list!
As you can see I have not done this yet. One of those things on my list of "to dos."

oak wind farm said...

Hey there! Yes, we have been having some really, hot & humid weather the last few weeks.
You asked how I found you? Well, I saw your blog listed on another blogger's list. At the moment I can't even remember who's it was! I am new to blogging, and so far have found it fun.
I think your blog is full of interesting things and I really enjoyed reading and looking at the pics. I hope to stop by often.
Please feel free to visit my blog when you have the time. I think I am the most boring person on earth, but I like to have fun and make new friends.
Have a wonderful weekend!