Friday, August 17, 2007

Lookin' out my kitchen window

Not as charming as it could it looks into the back room. When we moved into the house it did look out onto the back yard, but Tim added on a room after we had lived here only about a year or so. In order to get the size of the additional room we needed we had to incorporate the kitchen window. So I take it as it is.
Here you see some of my kitchen goods, such as: old bowls, wire utensils, vintage tins, crockery, and lots of little dodahs. I sink is okay, although I would like an apron sink. The counters need replacing...but when ever hubby gets around to it is when I'll have them. My kitchen is comfortable, not my dream country kitchen, but this may never happen, so I will make do with the one the good Lord has given me for now.
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