Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Hoosier

I may have posted about this hoosier once before...but here it is again.
Picture is kinda crooked as I am not able to stand at the right angle in front of it to get a good shot.
The large jars on top are filled with some of my cookie cutter collection. The darlin' white cookie jar belonged to my grandmother and she left it to me...This is love! It is a puppy in a basket. The apple corer/peeler laying on the enamelware surface was more of a recent purchase, about a year ago. Until then I had accumulated four of those things, all in the blue color. But this one is much older and I liked the green better. So I have whittled down my collection and now only own this one and the one I actually can use. This later is the one I used to use for years when I made jar upon jar of applesauce. Filled a large pantry with this applesauce and apple butter. I even took it to school when the kids were in elementary school and showed the classmates how to make applesauce. They loved how it peeled the apples. They would even eat the peeling. This is one of those good memories of being a young mom.
Anyway, more bowls, yes, I do love bowls, nut chopper, canisters, crocks, recipe box, string winder, meat grinder, mayo maker, pretty dishes and more fill this great cupboard. The little green and white outfit hangin' on the front is actually a homemade,vintage clothes pin holder. It fits in with the green in my kitchen, so it has a home here.
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