Sunday, August 19, 2007

China Hutch

This simple hutch was bought for $25.00 about 20 years ago at a yard sale.
It is not fancy, but has served me nicely. I recently put all the glassware in my collection in the upper
shelves. The bottom is full of treasures, the top has more of my cookie collection in jars. You can also see bowls, crocks, pewter, lovely gravey boat, old recipe book, large enamelware pitcher. The drawers are full of old spice tins, most of them still full of spices. They live in the drawers for lack of any other place to put them.
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Nancy Jo said...

WOW PAM, I think I found someone who has more stuff then I do!! That was a fun tour, loved seeing all your stuff. Where do you get most of your things from?

Homestead Mercantile said...

Yard sales! They rock! Thanks for checking in. More to come!